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Amara Obiago

Amara Obiago

Sophia Amara Obiago is a 4th year International affairs student at the George Washington university in Washington DC, USA. In 2013 she graduated with honors from College Alpin International Beau Soleil in Vilars, Switzerland.

In 2012 she achieved many accomplishments; she was chosen to speak for her school at a TEDx talk on how to learn languages, she volunteered at the African Artists Foundation and her work was exhibited at EnviroAfrica, as publicity materials at the 2012 Climate Change Conference in Doha.

Amara’s work is brimming with fiery enthusiasm, there is palpable determination in the way her photographs are constructed and executed. One gets the impression of an artist that cares about everything all at once. As a result, the work she produces is pointed, fearless and bold – full of the most fruitful kind of frustration.



She carries the world on her shoulders

embellished by the patterns she flaunts on her back

As if the load was meant for her alone

In everything she stands

truly and utterly flawless


I dare you

I double dare you

Look into my eyes

Look into them and deceive me

Let us live in the same world

Let us experience the same things

But in the end

Don’t lie to me

In the end

 Don’t tell me

it was not what it seemed

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