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Chinwe Uwatse

Chinwe Uwatse

Chinwe Uwatse (born 1960) studied art at the Nigerian University in Nsukka. She worked as a visual arts officer at the National Council for Culture and Arts between 1982-1994, left, went into self-employments and is now a globally recognised artist with a second studio in Cannes, France.

Much of her work focuses on the female form with a style that draws inspiration from traditional Igbo female body tattoos and the Uli design tradition. Uli is a style of design that is traditional to the Igbo people of Nigeria, the designs are bold, linear and one dimensional with an emphasis on the balance of positive and negative space. Uwatse became fascinated by Uli as a child living in Igbo Land during the Nigerian Civil War; this interest flourished when she studied art at the Nigerian University in Nsukka, under Professor Uche Okeke and Obiora Udechukwu; two artists that brought the Uli Art  movement to international attention.

Her work continues to reflect a deep and calm connection to her heritage and experiences. She often creates watercolours and ink drawings which have light and subtle colours with deep symbolism and a powerful female energy.

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