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Gerald Chukwuma

Gerald Chukwuma

Gerald Chukwuma (b 1973) is a celebrated visual artist and furniture designer with an enthusiastic local and international following. He graduated from the prestigious Nsukka Art School, University of Nigeria, with a first class degree specializing in painting. Chukwuma’s bold works using a multitude of found objects have an unforgettable visual language, in which he uses African symbols and patterns in refreshing new ways; he uses a combination of textures, lines, symbols and colours laid out on painstakingly etched wooden panels.

He began his career as a painter before expanding his work into mixed media relief sculptures and designing afro-contemporary furniture. In 2008 and 2012, he emerged as one of top three winners of the prestigious national arts competition. He was featured on the Cable News Network CNN’s Inside Africa program in 2011 showcasing his unique artworks. In 2014, the University of Nigeria Nsukka commissioned him to produce two monumental pieces for the university library and the Vice Chancellor’s complex.

Chukwuma has taken part in 20 exhibitions in the last decade in Nigeria, Cameroon, France, Denmark, Holland, and the United States and his works have become auction favourites. His thematic focus is on the complications of life and it’s impact on everyday people.

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