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Sandra Mbanefo Obiago

Sandra Mbanefo Obiago

Sandra Mbanefo Obiago (born 1964) grew up in Enugu, Nigeria, before completing her secondary schooling in Germany. She holds a Bed. in Education (1985, with a specialization in English and German language and literature) from the University of Manitoba in Canada and a MA in Telecommunications, with a specialization in Educational Film, from Michigan State University, USA.

Obiago has spent most of her career in the creative industry as a film maker, social activist, media for development specialist, and recently as an art curator. Throughout her career, she has used photography and poetry as a personal creative expression. Her photographs have been featured in many international publications as well as at the WWF-Canon Photo Agency.



Oh sweet rain

I awake

Black night thunder

tropical rhythm flashes

drumming against patterned dreams

Rain Dance!

My heart leaps back to sweet schooldays

Early morning lightning

Thunder clap reverberating through high ceilings

 Heralding cool dripping

Splashing through shallow pools of soft grass

Warm wet bare foot laughter

clay cooled vapor rising from red earth

heady mornings bringing  renewal


On rain nights

insects drone and crash against steamy security lights

Mouthwatering delicacy – nostalgic crunch


Today I live in an urban jungle

Rain dance becomes rain dirge.

floods cover cavernous potholes

ready to ambush worn tires.

Miserable cars come to an exhausted spluttering stop

slow death in choking tail light traffic

Laboriously crawling along

Wet hours punctuated by struggling window wipers

Rolled up trousers of commuting office clerks

expensive Sunday hairdos covered

by dripping black plastic bags

soaking stranded passengers

all 500 bodies pushing to occupy 35 seats

of a Lagos metro bus with one tail light missing

tempers flaring, abuses raining

carbon choking fumes

a body lies sprawled out on the curb of a 6 lane highway

is it a beggar adrift in village memories?

a tired area boy sleeping off a crack head operation?

or a down trodden graduate

finally giving up jobless hell hole days?

Giving up and letting go?

Groaning wipers, uneven struggle to keep up with

intensifying sheet rain

pelting . Unrelenting.


I close my eyes to mega city blues

My heart skips in childhood rain dance

fast winged bird flight

mist rising through smoky breeze

leaves rustle and bow to yet another wave

sweet Spirit filled rain

let me rise on soft

wings unfurled.

Lagos, May 17, 2010

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